National Coordinator
Monica Monachini (Senior Researcher at ILC-CNR)

CLARIN-IT is constituting some committees to make its voice heard in the decision-making centres.
Scientific Advisory Board
  • Simonetta Montemagni (ILC-CNR Director)
  • ...
Executive Committee
  • CLARIN-IT National Coordinator
  • Technical Committee
  • Committee for Metadata & Standards
  • Committee for Legal Issues
  • Committee for Relations with Users
General Assembly
  • CLARIN-IT National Coordinator
  • a representative per each Member of the Consortium

ILC-CNR Personnel involved in CLARIN-IT besides Monica Monachini
  • Alessandro Enea (Senior Technologist): CLARIN-IT National Coordination Group Member | ILC4CLARIN Technical Manager
  • Paola Baroni (Technologist): CLARIN-IT National Coordination Group Member | CLARIN-IT Membership Procedures Manager | CLARIN-IT and ILC4CLARIN Web and Communication Manager
  • Valeria Quochi (Researcher): CLARIN-IT User Involvement Manager | ILC4CLARIN Validation of Metadata
  • Riccardo Del Gratta (Researcher): ILC4CLARIN Repository Manager