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24/06/2024 | 11:00-12:00


CLARIN Impact Story

by Dario Del Fante and Virginia Zorzi
This Impact Story is focused on the the exploration of the public discourse on migration and migrants carried out within the project Who is the Enemy Now? through the use, among others, of CLARIN ParlaMint dataset as a resource.
Looking at parliamentary debates as well as news articles, it was analysed how migration and migrants were referred to during the so-called migration crisis (2015/2016) and the advent of COVID-19 (2020) in two countries – Italy and the United Kingdom – and how this may have impacted public opinion on the topic.

CLARIN Impact Story

by Silvia Calamai, Arjan van Hessen, Stefania Scagliola, Christoph Draxler and Henk van den Heuvel
This Impact Story is focused on the project 'Voices from Ravensbrück', which has produced a curated set of multilingual oral history interviews with survivors from the Ravensbrück female concentration camp.
The new CLARIN ‘Ravensbrück Oral History Resource Family’ comprises 38 audio interviews from different countries and presents a unique opportunity to study and compare these historical sources.

A Video for CLARIN

a short but comprehensive overview of the functionality of CLARIN and of its usefulness for research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (and beyond)