CLARIN-IT Logo: when to use it
CLARIN-IT co-branding is possible in the following cases:
  • organizations that are Members of CLARIN-IT should use the logo to indicate their membership in the CLARIN-IT Consortium;
  • the organization of events by CLARIN-IT Members or other institutions about the development and/or use of language resources and/or technology: such events require the inclusion of a CLARIN-IT-related element (e.g. a brief presentation about CLARIN-IT, flyers, posters etc.);
  • the organization of events by CLARIN-IT Members in collaboration with Members of other National CLARIN Consortia;
  • the organization of CLARIN- or CLARIN-IT-funded events: in these cases, the use of the CLARIN-IT logo is compulsory.
CLARIN-IT Co-branding: how to request it
The procedure for CLARIN-IT co-branding foresees the submission of a request to coordination@clarin-it.it addressed to the CLARIN-IT National Coordinator.
The co-branding request has to include the following elements:
  • the title and a brief description of the event;
  • the date(s) and place of the event;
  • the name(s) of the organizer(s);
  • the URL of the Web page dedicated to the event;
  • a brief description outlining in which way CLARIN-IT is linked to and relevant for the event;
  • a description of how CLARIN-IT will be featured during the event (e.g. a brief presentation by the CLARIN-IT National Coordinator, flyers, posters etc.).
Applicants will receive a response from the CLARIN-IT National Coordinator within 3 weeks from the submission of the co-branding request.