al-qāmūs l-muḥīṭ: a digital Arabic dictionary @ ILC4CLARIN

The CLARIN-IT Repository hosted at the ILC4CLARIN Centre provides the community with a lexical resource for the Arabic language. Such a resource resulted from automatic extraction from the medieval dictionary al-qāmūs l-muḥīṭ, which was compiled by the Persian lexicographer Al-firuz’abadi and is the most considerable and comprehensive abridged dictionary of the Arabic language. Considering that Arabic is a language with few language resources, the release of al-qāmūs l-muḥīṭ: a digital Arabic dictionary is important for the scientific community because it contains a monolingual resource resulting from the automatic conversion of the medieval dictionary as well as a bilingual (Arabic-English) resource resulting from the automatic translation of lemmas and senses obtained using An Advanced Learner's Arabic-English Dictionary by H. Anthony Salmoné.
The resource is formed of 29 sections (or child items). Each section is devoted to an alphabetical consonant constituting the last radical consonant and is divided into chapters ordered according to the first radical consonant. In each chapter, roots are listed alphabetically according to the second radical consonant. Lexical entries are grouped together under the root from which they derive. Each section contains a text file and various XML files. The text file is the original text of the medieval dictionary. The XML files are of two types: the first one contains the conversion of the plain text into a well formed XML document arranged according to the part of speech of the lexical entries (nouns, verbs, adjectives, proper nouns); the second one adds the English automatic translations of the lexical entries (nouns, verbs, adjectives).
al-qāmūs l-muḥīṭ: a digital Arabic dictionary is released with a free license and is available at this URL:
For further information, please contact Ouafae Nahli or Arsalane Zarghili.