The Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon (#DHH21) was held online from 19th to 28th May 2021. This event is a chance, for researchers and students of Computer Science and Data Science as well as for people involved in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities, to experience an interdisciplinary research project from start to finish within the span of 10 days.
One of the seven groups that took part in #DHH21 was organized by CLARIN to work on the fledgling ParlaMint project. The group research questions focused on the identification of differences and similarities in parliamentary debates on the COVID-19 pandemic across Italy, Poland, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. For identifying characteristic keywords and collocations, a free tool for exploring corpora named NoSketchEngine was used. The corpora explored are ParlaMint-IT 2.0 (Italian Parliament), ParlaMint-PL 2.0 (Polish Parliament), ParlaMint-SI 2.0 (Slovene Parliament) and ParlaMint-GB 2.0 (British parliament). For further information, please see the blog post Parliamentary debates in the COVID times.
Another group, named CBAQuest, studied a corpus of collective labour agreements from around the world under different aspects, in collaboration with Wage Indicator and SSHOC. In particular, the group tried to develop tools to measure accessibility from the workers' perspective in terms of readability and lexical variety. In addition, the representation of gender equality and of the workers' right to holidays and overtime payments was investigated. For further information, please see the blog posts CBAQuest Final Report including Tools! and Text accessibility. Within the CBAQuest group, CLARIN-IT was represented by Dario Del Fante (CNR-ILC).
#DHH21 is a virtuous example of how the work on the archiving of linguistic data is of paramount importance. Although in a preliminary phase, the interdisciplinary research project carried out during #DHH21 shows how the data provided by CLARIN and SSHOC can concretely be used by researchers to subsequently impact on people's life.