CLARIN Café on Linguistic Linked Data

On Thursday 29th April 2021, from 14:00 to 16:00, a CLARIN Café on Linguistic Linked Data will be held through the Zoom platform. The event, born from the discussions within the 'Nexus Linguarum' COST Action and co-organized by CLARIN-IT and CLARIN:EL, will be specifically devoted to the role that Linguistic Linked Data (LLD) can play in the CLARIN infrastructure and to the discussion on how the LLD approach can be used to overcome the problem of the lack of interoperability among the (many) resources stored in CLARIN. On the other hand, the role the CLARIN infrastructure could play in a broader LLD-based ecosystem of semantically interoperable language data and applications will also be analysed. In order to receive connection details, Registration (free of charge) is necessary.
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