CLARIN-IT was present at the CLARIN Annual Conference 2019.
In the morning of 1st October 2019 Monica Monachini chaired the PhD Students Poster Slam.
In the afternoon of 1st October 2019, at the CLARIN Bazaar 2019, Federico Boschetti introduced a poster entitled Archipelago DH: Computational Linguistics meets (more and more) Digital Humanities, while Monica Monachini introduced the poster Folk in Tuscany: the Caterina Bueno sound archive by Monica Monachini, Maria Francesca Stamuli and Silvia Calamai.
In the Poster Slam of the morning of 2nd October 2019 Fahad Khan introduced the poster Enhancing Lexicography by Means of the Linked Data Paradigm: LexO for CLARIN by Andrea Bellandi, Fahad Khan and Monica Monachini, while Anika Nicolosi introduced the poster CLARIN-IT and the Definition of a Digital Critical Edition for Ancient Greek Poetry: a New Project for Ancient Fragmentary Texts with a Complex Tradition [poster] by Anika Nicolosi, Monica Monachini and Beatrice Nava.