CLARIN-IT was present at the CLARIN Annual Conference 2021, originally scheduled in Madrid, but become virtual due to the dynamics of COVID-19.
Day 1
In the morning of 27th September 2021:
  • Monica Monachini, as Conference Chair, shared with Franciska de Jong and Maciej Piasecki the Opening & Steven Krauwer Award Ceremony, in which Tomaž Erjavec (Jožef Stefan Institute, CLARIN.SI) was proclaimed the winner;
  • Marco Passarotti held the first keynote speech of the Conference, entitled From Punched Cards to Linguistic Linked Data... through Infrastructures;
  • the following paper was introduced:
    • ParlaMint: Comparable Corpora of European Parliamentary Data (slides) by Tomaž Erjavec, Maciej Ogrodniczuk, Petya Osenova, Andrej Pančur, Nikola Ljubešić, Tommaso Agnoloni, Starkaður Barkarson, María Calzada Pérez, Çağrı Çöltekin, Matthew Coole, Roberts Darģis, Luciana D. de Macedo, JessedeDoes, KatrienDepuydt, SaschaDiwersy, Matyáš Kopp, TomasKrilavičius, GiancarloLuxardo, VaidasMorkevičius, CostanzaNavarretta, PaulRayson, OrsolyaRing, Michał Rudolf, KirilSimov, SteinþórSteingrímsson, ÁrniMagnússon, István Üveges, Ruben van Heusden and GiuliaVenturi.
In the afternoon of 27th September 2021:
  • Francesca Frontini moderated the CLARIN Café: Interactive Q&A Session for Newcomers to CLARIN;
  • the following papers were introduced:
    • The Interplay of Legal Regimes of Personal Data, Intellectual Property and Freedom of Expression in Language Research by Aleksei Kelli, Krister Lindén, Pawel Kamocki, Kadri Vider, Penny Labropoulou, Ramūnas Birštonas, Vadim Mantrov, Vanessa Hannesschläger, Riccardo del Gratta, Age Värv, Gaabriel Tavits and Andres Vutt;
    • Less is More When FAIR. The Minimum Level of Description in Pathological Oral and Written Data (slides) by Rosalba Nodari, Silvia Calamai and Henk van den Heuvel.
Day 2
In the morning of 28th September 2021:
  • Monica Monachini introduced the Programme Committee Presentation (slides).
In the afternoon of 28th September 2021:
  • the following papers were introduced:
    • CLARIN-IT Resources in CLARIN ERIC  a Bird’s-Eye View (slides) by Dario Del Fante, Francesca Frontini, Monica Monachini and Valeria Quochi - was introduced;
    • Opening Language Resource Infrastructures to Non-Research Partners: Practicalities and Challenges (slides) - by Verena Lyding, Egon W. Stemle and Alexander König;
    • Ethnomusicological Archives and Copyright Issues: An Italian Case Study (slides) by  Prospero Marra, Duccio Piccardi and Silvia Calamai;
    • Archilochus of Paros: Elegiac Fragments - XML Archive by Anika Nicolosi and Beatrice Nava;
    • Oral Archives for Sociolinguistic Research by Silvia Calamai and Rosalba Nodari;
  • at the CLAIN Bazaar 2021 the following contributions were introduced:
    • How CLARIN Went Virtual: 1.5 Years Online, in Data and Images (poster) by Francesca Frontini;
    • TRIPLE Training on Open Science (slides) by Lottie Provost and Francesca Di Donato;
    • AIUCD2021 Conference Went Virtual Through the Support of CLARIN: Experience, Opportunities and Suggestions (poster) by Enrica Salvatori, Monica Monachini, Francesca Frontini, Angelo Mario Del Grosso and Federico Boschetti;
    • Domain Specific Languages on Editing Papyri: The GreekSchools Case Study (slides) by Simone Zenzaro, Federico Boschetti and Angelo Mario Del Grosso.
Day 3
In the afternoon of 29th September 2021:
  • the following papers were introduced:
    • The CIRCSE Collection of Linguistic Resources in CLARIN-IT (slides) by Rachele Sprugnoli and Marco Passarotti;
    • ‘Cretan Institutional Inscriptions’ Meets CLARIN-IT (slides) by Irene Vagionakis, Riccardo Del Gratta, Federico Boschetti, Paola Baroni, Angelo Mario Del Grosso, Tiziana Mancinelli and Monica Monachini;
    • Voices from Ravensbrück. Towards the Creation of an Oral and Multi-Lingual Resource Family (slides) by Silvia Calamai, Jeannine Beeken, Henk Van Den Heuvel, Max Broekhuizen, Arjan van Hessen, Christoph Draxler and Stefania Scagliola.