CLARIN-IT was present at the CLARIN Annual Conference 2022, which took place as a hybrid event: in Prague, by invitation only, and in a virtual form, like in its two previous editions, for the general public.
Day 1
In the afternoon of 10th October 2022:
  • the following papers were introduced:
    • Linguistic Autobiographies. Towards the Creation of a Multilingual Resource Family (slides) by Silvia Calamai, Rosalba Nodari, Claudia Soria and Alessandro Carlucci [in the "Thematic Session: Language Resources and CLARIN Centres"];
    • SSH Open Cluster: Life After SSHOC by Francesca Frontini, Matej Ďurčo, Laure Barbot and Carsten Thiel.
Day 2
In the morning of 11th October 2022:
  • the following paper were introduced:
    • Supporting Ancient Historical Linguistics and Cultural Studies with EpiLexO (slides) by Valeria Quochi, Andrea Bellandi, Michele Mallia, Alessandro Tommasi and Cesare Zavattari [in the "Thematic Session: Tools and Workflows. Part 2"].
In the afternoon of 11th October 2022:
  • Monica Monachini chaired the "Thematic Session: Legal Questions";
  • Francesca Frontini chaired the "Teaching with CLARIN" Session;
  • the following papers were introduced:
    • Introduction and Overview of Training Activities (slides) by Francesca Frontini and Iulianna van der Lek [in the "Teaching with CLARIN" Session];
    • Natural Language Processing Methods (slides) by Rachele Sprugnoli [in the "Teaching with CLARIN" Session];
    • Validation of the Archivio Vi.Vo. Architecture: A Case Study on Rhotic Degemination in Tuscan Vernacular (slides) by Roberta Bianca Luzietti [in the "PhD Student Session"];
  • at the CLARIN Bazaar 2022 the following contributions were introduced:
    • Meet the CLARIN Ambassadors by Francesca Frontini and the CLARIN Ambassadors;
    • The GoTriple SSH Platform (leaflet | poster) by GoTriple Team (including CNR-ILC);
    • Voices From Ravensbrück. Towards a Multilingual Collection of Oral History Interviews with Survivors of Camp Ravensbrück by Stef Scagliola, Silvia Calamai, Fabio Ardolino, Henk van den Heuvel and Christoph Draxler;
    • It-Sr-NER: CLARIN-Compatible NER and Geoparsing Web Services for Parallel Texts: Case Study Italian and Serbian (poster) by Olja Perisic.
Day 3
In the morning of 12th October 2022, in the "CLARIN and Other SSH Platforms: You’ll Never Innovate Alone" Panel:
  • Simon Krek (Project Coordinator) introduced the tools and services developed within the project ELEXIS - European Lexicographic Infrastructure (H2020-INFRAIA-2016-2017-731015);
  • Emilie Blotière (Project Manager) introduced the platform developed within the project TRIPLE - Transforming Research through Innovative Practices for Linked interdisciplinary Exploration (H2020-INFRAEOSC-2019-1-863420).
The participation of Italy, through CNR-ILC, in the partnerships of these two large European infrastructural projects was made possible by the belonging of Italy to the network of CLARIN ERIC and the National Coordination of CLARIN-IT from Monica Monachini and her team.