CLARIN-IT @ VeDPH Workshop on Digital Text Corpora

On Monday 14th December 2020 Monica Monachini (CNR-ILC & CLARIN-IT), Francesca Frontini (CNR-ILC & CLARIN-IT), Federico Boschetti (CNR-ILC-URT @ UNIVE-DSU-VeDPH) and Angelo Mario Del Grosso (CNR-ILC) participated on the Online Workshop "Creating Digital Text Corpora from Archival Materials" (Zoom, 10:00-18:00), organized by the Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities of the Department of Humanities of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice (UNIVE-DSU-VeDPH).
The following contributes were presented within the Panel 3 - Communities and Digital Landscapes (15:15-17:15): "CLARIN: tools, methods, services, best practices for digital corpora" by Francesca Frontini and Monica Monachini; "Creating corpora from archival materials as an educational and social activity" by Federico Boschetti.