CLARIN Newsflash - April 2020

The April 2020 edition of CLARIN Newsflash was published on 23rd April 2020. In this issue: the announcement of an open position within the CLARIN Board of Directors, the announcement of the CLARIN support to COVID-19 related research in the Social and Political Sciences domain, the announcement of the submission deadline extension for CLARIN 2020, the announcement of the election of the new chairperson of the Standing Committee for CLARIN Technical Centres, the announcement of the recognition of a new CLARIN K-Centre, an overview of the available language resources in the CLARIN infrastructure for researchers from DH, SS and HLT, an overview of the CLARIN funding opportunities in times of COVID-19, the video recording of a Webinar on Detection of Online Hate Speech organized by VeDPH-DSU-UNIVE with the Patronage of CLARIN-IT and ILC-CNR, the video recording of a SSHOC Webinar on 'Quanlification' organised by CLARIN, the announcement of the virtual form of the LREC 2020 Workshop 'ParlaCLARIN II' following the suspension of LREC 2020 for COVID-19... and much more.