CLARIN Newsflash - December 2022

The December 2022 edition of CLARIN Newsflash was published on 14rd December 2022. In this issue: the farewell message of the CLARIN outgoing Executive Director, the announcement of CLARIN-CH joining CLARIN as an Observer, a new Impact Story on the value of multilingual oral history, an update on the CLARIN Resource Families, an update from the CLaDA-BG National Consortium, the announcement of the forthcoming succession in the Coordination of the Dutch node of CLARIN, a recap on the penultimate CLARIN Café (Text and Data Mining Exceptions A Year After – Has The Pony Become A Horse?), a blog post on CLARIN Compatible NER and Geoparsing Web Services for Italian and Serbian Parallel Text, a video interview on the genesis of the Volume 'CLARIN. The Infrastructure for Language Resources', the Call for Papers for DH Benelux 2023, the announcement of CMC-Corpora 2023... and much more.