CLARIN Newsflash - February 2020

The February 2020 edition of CLARIN Newsflash was published on 20th February 2020. In this issue: the announcement of the Call for Nominations for the Steven Krauwer Awards 2020, an update about the Norwegian stage of the "Tour de CLARIN" 2019-2020, the announcement of the start of the Research Project of Significant National Interest "Languages ​​and Cultures of Ancient Italy: Historical Linguistics and Digital Models", the announcement of the SSHOC Webinar "CLARIN Hands-on Tutorial on Transcribing Interview Data", the announcement of a Workshop on Ontologies for the Semantic Web supported by CLARIN-IT, the announcement of the Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon (#DHH20), the announcement of the Summer School “Digital Tools for Humanists”... and much more.