CLARIN Newsflash - July 2020

The July 2020 edition of CLARIN Newsflash was published on 23rd July 2020. In this issue: an update on the registration for the virtual edition of CLARIN 2020, the announcement of a CLARIN Hackathon on the topic of disinformation on the COVID-19 pandemic, an update on the "Tour de CLARIN" 2019-2020, an update on the CLARIN Resource Families, the announcement of the official recognition of a new CLARIN K-Centre in France, a summary of the third edition of the virtual initiative "CLARIN Café", some notes on the SSHOC Webinar on 'Quanlification', a summary of the Online Conference "Modelling Vagueness and Uncertainty in DH", the video of the interview made during CLARIN 2019 with Elisabeth Burr on the European Summer School in Leipzig... and much more.