CLARIN Newsflash - September 2020

The September 2020 edition of CLARIN Newsflash was published on 24th September 2020. In this issue: the announcement of the forthcoming entry of Francesca Frontini (CLARIN Ambassador, recently re-affiliated to CNR-ILC and CLARIN-IT) in the CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors, the countdown to CLARIN 2020, the announcement of a new project - ParlaMint - funded by CLARIN, an update on the "Tour de CLARIN" 2019-2020, an update on the CLARIN Resource Families, the announcement of the official recognition of a new CLARIN K-Centre in Belarus, the announcement of the launch of a new tool by the DARIAH working group ELDAH, the announcement of the availability of the papers of the REPROLANG 2020 cooperative shared task, the video recordings of the Twin Talks 3 Workshop, of the DATeCH2019 International Conference and of the Forum Building New Global DH Communities, information relating to the SSHOC Online Information Session on the CESSDA Vocabulary Service and to the SSHOC Webinar on Sharing Datasets of Pathological Speech... and much more.