ParlaMint Call for New Languages

ParlaMint LogoCLARIN-IT is pleased to announce the opening of the ParlaMint Call for New Languages, which invites to submit proposals to add parliamentary corpora for additional countries to the collection of the ParlaMint project.
In the first phase of the project (01/07/2020-30/09/2020), parliamentary corpora were compiled for four countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Slovenia. The corpora, encoded according to the ParlaMint XML schema, are available in the CLARIN.SI Repository and through the NoSketch Engine.
In the second phase of the project (01/10/2020-31/05/2021), parliamentary corpora will be extended to further languages and parliaments.
The proposer should be affiliated with an institution that is part of one of the CLARIN National Consortia (participating either as a member or as an observer). In case the structure of a National Consortium is not in place yet or is not specified unambiguously, the applicant should check if the National Coordinator can support is/her application.
An expression of interest is expected that outlines the motivation behind the application, the expertise of the team and the status of parliamentary data. The applicant can do so by filling out the Call Application Form. The submission deadline is 16th November 2020.