Published a Volume for the CLARIN ERIC 10th Anniversary

Fišer & Witt - CLARIN - De Gruyter 2022 - Cover
The book 'CLARIN. The Infrastructure for Language Resources', funded by CLARIN ERIC on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its establishment as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium, edited by Darja Fišer and Andreas Witt and published by De Gruyter, is now publicly available in Open Access as Volume 1 in the series Digital Linguistics, edited by Andreas Witt (ISSN: 2751-1278 | e-ISSN 2751-1286).
The publication of the book was announced on Wednesday 12th October 2022 during the CLARIN Annual Conference 2022.
CLARIN-IT contributed to the book with the articles Language Matters by Franciska de Jong, Dieter Van Uytvanck, Francesca Frontini, Antal van den Bosch, Darja Fišer and Andreas Witt and Not Just Paper: Enhancement of Archive Cultural Heritage by Silvia Calamai, Duccio Piccardi, Niccolò Pretto, Giovanni Candeo, Maria Francesca Stamuli and Monica Monachini.