Second CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on Oral History

Second CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on Oral History
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As a follow-up of the 1st CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on Oral History (Oxford, April 2016), other two workshops have been planned:
 - one to be held in Utrecht in December 2016;
 - one to be held in Arezzo in April 2017.
The proposal for the organization of these two workshops was granted by CLARIN-PLUS in October 2016.
The envisaged outcome of the two workshops is an implementation plan for an Oral History transcription chain that can be integrated into the CLARIN infrastructure.
Once the implementation plan is written, it will be submitted to CLARIN ERIC for funding.
The main goal of the 2nd CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on Oral History is to:
 - sketch the working-together process for the following 3 or 4 months;
 - set-up a working environment (GoogleDocs?);
 - appoint responsabilities;
 - find necessary colleagues/partners;
 - find possible (CLARIN) hosts for Oral History transcription services for the three languages;
 - design the "ideal transcription chain" for oral historians;
 - sketch the organisation of the 3rd CLARIN-PLUS Workshop on Oral History: invitees and agenda.
In the months after the Utrecht workshop, the people who attended it (and others) will write a proposal that will be discussed, improved and finalised at the Arezzo workshop.