Workshop on CLARIN @ Lancaster University

The 12th International Corpus Linguistics Conference (CL 2023) will be held at Lancaster University from 3rd to 6th July 2023.
On 2nd July 2023 CL 2023 will be preceded by five Pre-Conference Workshops scheduled to run in parallel: two of them from 9:30 to 12:30 and three of them from 13:30 to 16:30.
The MORNING SESSION will be opened by Workshop 1: What can you do with the CLARIN research infrastructure? (Room: Fylde C17 | Time Slot: 9:30-12:30), organized by Darja Fišer (CLARIN.SI | CLARIN ERIC Executive Director | CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors), Francesca Frontini (CLARIN-IT | CLARIN Ambassador | CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors), Paul Rayson (CLARIN-UK | CLARIN Ambassador) and Martin Wynne (CLARIN-UK National Coordinator).
The Workshop will focus on practical issues such as how corpus linguists can benefit from the CLARIN research infrastructure for language as social and cultural data.
The organizers will present a brief overview of the CLARIN infrastructure including the easy to use language resources, the knowledge infrastructure, the participating consortia from across Europe and a large set of resource families covering corpora, lexical resources and NLP tools for tagging and annotation of corpora.
Participants will learn how to access and search the existing corpora and tools in the CLARIN infrastructure and how to embed or deposit language resources and tools in one of the CLARIN Centres (with reference to annotation, formats and standards, metadata, licencing and documentation).
The organizers will present examples of key resources and tools such as those from the ParlaMint project.
Attendance is free of charges but requires registration.
The maximum number of participants is 40.